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6 Tips When Getting Started As A New Sugar Baby.

I respect freedom of choice and being able to do what you want and doing whatever to get through in life. We all know it'll be hard to find THE ONE who will hopefully be more than just a sugar daddy but wants to remain hopeful. But before you enter the sugar field, there are some suggestions, I hope to help you.

1. 99.9% of sugar relationships are sexual or are leading towards sex. If you pray for a platonic love relationship, then you can hardly find a suitable sugar daddy. And you will get a lot of ridicule. Few sugar daddies have money. Most sugar daddies want one thing, which is to have sex with you in a hotel regularly. The better ones will also take you to dinners and buy you some extra presents. I know it sounds horrible, but it is what it is.

2. Don't believe the so-called trial run. Sounds elegant, but should always pay for the game. Unfortunately some are consummate manipulators and take joy in defrauding others. You should remember that young and good looking "sugar daddies" typically are "pick up artists", who want to have sex with you without paying, under the pretense of "giving you a test ride". It sounds really stupid and it is, but it is also typical.

3. Just being your genuine self, a lot of sugar guys just want someone that they can connect with and feel some kind of bond but they're a lot harder to find. Sugar is like gardening, there's a lot of guys to weed out and only a few good ones worth looking into. It's especially hard during quarantine because you can't meet up with them to judge their character, hang in there though! The right one for you is out there!

4. Don't waste your time on anyone with a free membership. If they don't have at least a premium membership they are most likely a scammer. There are plenty of scammers who want your bank login or credit card numbers. If your potential SD is unwilling to deliver on his part of the arrangement before any intimacy you should come to a full stop. It is the job of the SD to relieve financial pressure, exposure, and anxiety.

5. Many sugar daddies have several sugar babies at the same time, so don't mind that he is not attentive. You are just a contract. Most of the sugar daddies are undesirable, lonely, older men that are desperate for some kind of affection and affirmation from the opposite sex. Sugar babies RELY on their "daddy" believing there is some sort of special connection in their relationship. They need to keep their client involved with them and spending money.

6. Don't feel that you are beautiful, you can conquer all men. This idea is very naive, although appearance has a great advantage, if your talk and knowledge are very vulgar, then you will not maintain your sugar relationship for a long time. Being young and financially unstable can open you up to being taken advantage of. But don't make people think you are an idiot.

There are genuine SDs that will try to buy you. They only want your body. There are sincere SDs that will try to seduce you. They also want your mind and heart and want to make you happy. You are going to have a lot more fun with a sincere SD. He will make you feel like you are on top of the world. He knows that his sugar baby is only there because of the money, but otherwise, it's a dating relationship, just like any other.